Our Perspectives

Alpha Trends & New Investment IdeasManaging Portfolio Volatility & Drawdown Risk with Long/Short Equity
Charles Cook from The Boston Company discusses the potential benefits of strategies to reduce portfolio volatility while targeting positive returns...read more >>

China/U.S. Co-dependency China's Enigmatic Slowdown
BNY Mellon Investment Strategist Simon Cox considers how China might revive economic growth....read more >>

Pensions Reform Retirement Reset: Next-Generation DC Solutions with Non-Traditional Components
Adding institutional-quality investment options can help defined contribution plans improve risk-adjusted returns, manage volatility and protect against the effects of inflation....read more >>

Asset Allocation / Diversification

Beta Management Navigating the Curve: A Special Report on Fixed Income

Fixed income remains a mainstay in investors' toolkits, but historic changes are forcing a major rethink of traditional approaches...read more >>

Viewpoints on Current Issues

Global Market Outlook Sovereign Wealth Funds Face the Winds of Change
Rumi Masih, Head of Investment Strategy with BNY Mellon Investment Management's Sovereign Institutions Group, explains common trends among sovereign institutions as they face a changing investment landscape and increased demand for spending on domestic needs.... more >>

Market Commentary & Insights

Market CommentaryStandish Bond Market Observations
Standish Chief Economist Tom Higgins expects steady improvement in the US economy despite concerns about slowing global growth and says an increase in volatility will present opportunities...read more >>